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Within the special programme "Maintaining Access - Strengthening Digitisation" of the NRW Welfare Foundation Vringstreff e. V. was able to realise the project "Vringstreff digital für Wohnungslose im Netz!" in 2021/2022. With the help of this financial support, it became possible to fundamentally overhaul the website, which has existed since 2006, at the beginning of 2022. We thank you for this valuable support!

People affected by homelessness and homelessness can now find a variety of offers for help and support in Köln on a contemporary and user-friendly platform. Thanks also to the institutions and organisations that contribute their services to this website.

At the end of 2022, thanks to the funding programme of the City Köln "Further development of Cologne's assistance for people in the context of homelessness", it was possible to offer the website in several languages. Many thanks!

The fact that the website was able to be launched at all in 2006 is thanks to a significant donation by the technology supplier Cisco Systems. In addition, there was a promotion of the Nicholas Gülich Fund. These former supporters also deserve our thanks at this point.

Wohnungslos in Köln