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Drinking water in Cologne

Drinking enough is important - whether it is warm or rather cool. Drinking water is available free of charge at various places in Cologne:

Drinking water wells of RheinEnergie

At the moment, RheinEnergie offers twelve standpipes in Köln. They are accessible around the clock to tap drinking water or cool down:

  • City centre/Eigelstein: Eigelsteintorburg
  • City centre/Neumarkt: Zeppelinstraße
  • City centre/Deutz: Deutzer Freiheit in front of St. Heribert's
  • City centre/Südstadt: Elsaßstraße (near Bonner Straße)
  • Rodenkirchen: Maternusplatz
  • Lindenthal: Jahnwiese (at the stadium), height Adenauer pond
  • Ehrenfeld: Subbelrather Straße, height Takufeld
  • Nippes: Am neuen Sportpark, height Merheimer Straße
  • Chorweiler: In the park at the Weichselring sports facility
  • Porz: Bahnhofstraße, Porz pedestrian zone
  • Kalk: Barcelona-Allee, Bürgerpark Kalk
  • Mülheim: Jan-Wellem-Straße, in the southern part of the Mülheimer Stadtgarten


Drinking water at refill stations

Logo Refill-Station, auch im Schaufenster im Vringstreff zu sehen

Refill is an initiative for free tap water - everywhere, for everyone. At Refill stations Bottles brought along are filled with refreshing tap water free of charge. All year round and not just when it's hot.

Everywhere where the blue sticker is affixedYou will receive tap water free of charge in the bottle (or a jam jar or similar) that you bring with you and thus avoid plastic waste.

All Refill stations - also outside Köln - are on the map here. At just look up where the nearest refill station is to get free drinking water. The RheinEnergie drinking water wells are also available there. to find.

Hot again in Köln? 11 heat tips

The city of Köln gives some tips on its website about what to do when it's hot in Köln. Of course, drinking a lot is one of them. Water is best. Read more in the section "11 heat tips for everyday life" under

[Information on RheinEnergie drinking water wells as of 19.05.2022. All information without guarantee, as of 15.06.2022]

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