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Emergency sleeping facility

Mauritiussteinweg 77-79
50676 Köln

Organisation: Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V.

Opening hours:

The emergency sleeping facility is open daily between 8 pm in the evening and 10 am in the morning. Admissions take place throughout the night.

You can come to us:


Dogs ok

What we offer:


Food & Drink

Hygiene & Showers




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Further information:

Homeless women can find a bed for the night, protection and safety in the emergency sleeping facility "Comeback". The "Comeback" is a place of rest and shelter for one night or longer.

In the "Comeback", the visitors can sleep in two-bed rooms, they can eat, shower and do their laundry, but above all they can find peace and help if they want it. They are welcome with their animals at the emergency shelter.

Wohnungslos in Köln