Winter Aid City of Cologne 2023/2024

Ajutor În timpul ierni / Помощ през зимата / pomoc zima / kış yardımı / winter aid

Winter aid in Köln-Merheim

For homeless people, the city administration offers until 31 March 2024 an additional support in the Ostmerheimer Street 220, 51109 Köln. The offer stands Around the clock every day available.

Access by public transport: 

  • Merheim stop with tram line 1
  • Bus stop Ostmerheimer Straße with bus line 157

Offer to stay overnight

There are a total of 72 sleeping places. Of these, twelve are sleeping spaces for women, which are located in a separate and protected wing.

The accommodation is freely accessible all day.

Offer for the day

People can also stay in Ostmerheimer Straße during the day. A hot lunch, coffee and tea are served there. There is also the possibility to take a shower, wash clothes and have them dried. There are also lockers, a clothes closet and a clearing and mediation service. The Social Service of Catholic Women (Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V., SkF) provides social work for the special needs of homeless women by the hour during the day.

Guests can basically stay on the premises 24 hours a day.

For the offer in Ostmerheimer Straße 220, the municipality works closely with the SkF and with the Sozialdienst Katholischer Männer e.V. (SKM).

For homeless EU immigrants

Those who have migrated from the European Union and are not entitled to social benefits may be eligible in the Vorgebirgstraße 22 (public transport: train line 12 to the Pohligstr. stop or 15/16 to the Ulrepforte stop; bus 142 to the Am Vorgebirgstor stop). The "Humanitarian Aid" offer in Vorgebirgstraße is provided by the city administration in close cooperation with the SKM. The overnight accommodation is open 365 days a year, around the clock. There is also a day stay.

Overnight accommodation for dogs

At the animal welfare association in Cologne-Zollstock (Vorgebirgstraße 76, 50969 Cologne) there are for dogs ten places per night available. The owners can bring their dogs bring in the evening until 6 p.m. or in the time from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.. The dogs spend the night in a heated kennel (underfloor heating) and are provided with food and water. Please call in advance: 0221/381858.

Every morning the dogs can picked up again from 7 a.m. become.

[All information without guarantee, source: Information from the City of Cologne dated 24.10.2023 and 31.10.2023]

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